Teaching the
ELA Unit

Searching for and Locating Library Materials

Competencies Addressed

  1. Student is able to locate and use the OPAC and electronic resources
  2. Student is able to locate and use the parts of a book
  3. Student understands arrangement and classification systems

After students have the tools to develop a search strategy they will need to locate materials in a library and information within those materials. The following lessons will help to facilitate that location process.

Locating Books in the Library Lesson

Locating Periodicals Lesson

Locating eBooks Lesson

Instructional Activities

  1. The librarian will review searching the library's OPAC. Topics should include
    • Author, title, and subject search
    • Advanced search using Boolean and truncation operators
    • Locating the call number
    • Classification systems
  2. The librarian will instruct students in the use of IcePAC and Cider and how to place an interlibrary loan.
  3. Students will:
    • Complete the index activity
    • Complete the Scavenger Hunt
    • Search for books in the OPAC and fill out the Bibliography Sheet
    • Place an interlibrary loan
  4. The librarian will review finding periodicals on an the ProQuest database. Using the ProQuest training video can help facilitate this instruction. Depending on the skill level of the students, the librarian may want to extend the practice using the Practice Search Strategies
  5. Students will
    • In groups practice search strategies by finding articles on the theme of multiculturalism
    • Perform a search for their literary theme and personality
    • Choose, mark, and print the articles they will use for their project
  6. The librarian will instruct student in finding information in the Gale Virtual Reference Library of eBooks.
  7. Students will
    • Practice searching for information in eBooks by finding information on multiculturalism.
    • Choose, mark, and print articles that they will use for their project


Resources for teaching these lessons: