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Experiencing the world, whether it be down the street, destination U.S.A, or across the pond is the best way to understand people and information. Connections Abound can help you arrange that trip. Since 2001, Carole Ashbridge has been making memories happen.

Tours arranged for Sackets Harbor School began in 2003 with Viva Britannia (Paris, England, and Scotland), then 2005 with Gusto dell' Italia (Italy), 2009 Britannia Bound (England and Wales), and the following in 2009 and 2011. Read some blog posts from the last two European tours:

Genealogy trips have been arranged in the Pittsburgh area for the North Hills Genalogists. A trip to Washington D.C. has also been planned.

A blog was created for the Teutonia Männerchor's trip to northern Germany in the fall of 2015,



Make your memories happen with travel!

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Last updated 25 October 2015